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Vintage Chanel Gold Byzantine Belt



Presenting one of the most exceptional Chanel pieces ever added to our collection—a captivating gold weave belt featuring a prominently adorned clasp, embellished with an amber centerpiece encircled by seven smaller stones set in a gold-tone frame.

This belt effortlessly elevates any outfit to a sensational level.

Noteworthy for its significance, this remarkable belt was chosen to be showcased in the 2005 Met Museum exhibition 'CHANEL', celebrated as an epitome of timeless Chanel craftsmanship. Its allure extends to various iconic advertising visuals, including appearances in Vogue and the 1996 Chanel Campaign, immortalized through the lens of Karl Lagerfeld.

Stamped with the signature "Chanel 97 Made in France", it measures 81 cm in total length, when worn. 

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