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Vintage Kreisler Gold Chain Bracelet with Ruby-Coloured Rhinestone



Discover this fantastic vintage bracelet with a fringed end by Kreisler. 

The company's origins can be traced to New York, where it was founded by Marcus Stern and Jacques Kreisler under the name 'The Stern-Kreisler Jewelry Company.' They started its journey as a fine jewellery manufacturer, supplying upscale jewellery shops and department stores across the country.

During the Great Depression in 1932, the company temporarily closed its doors, only to reopen in 1933, focusing on the manufacturing of watch bands. Costume jewellery production made its debut in 1948, but was discontinued in 1952. Therefore, this bracelet likely dates back to around 1950.

The central section boasts an intricate, swirly design, crowned by a magnificent ruby-colored rhinestone (measuring 24mm in width and 19mm in height). This bracelet is exceptionally comfortable to wear, thanks to its adjustable strap that accommodates various wrist sizes.

Please be aware that one of the smaller rhinestones is missing, although it's hardly noticeable when the bracelet is worn.

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